Bruce Springsteen changed my life

31 Dec

It was the summer of 1975 when I first heard Born to Run and my life changed forever. I was 17 years old and it spoke to me in a way that nothing had before. I can relate to John Peel saying that when he first heard Teenage Kicks he had to pull his car over because of the emotion that swept over him. I was the same. It was like nothing I had heard before and remains today my favourite song of all time and to me the greatest rock song ever written. I didn't get to see him at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon gig and I had to wait until 4th July 1985 to see him at Wembley Stadium on a scorching hot day. I haven't loved everything Bruce has done, I struggle with The Ghost of Tom Joad and the Seeger Sessions but when he is with the E Street Band nothing touches him for me. The excitement I felt when the Live 5 LP album came out in 1986 was palpable. I saw him again in October 2002 at Wembley Arena where I had to pay a tout £120 for a ticket but man was it worth it.  Didn't get to see him on Broadway which was a shame but to this day he will remain a musical hero to me and so many others. God bless you Bruce, you changed my life!

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